The Best 3 Player Darts Games for fun

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3 Player Darts Games: With the advent of the internet, darts games have grown immensely in popularity. Playing dartboard games with friends is fun. It enhances your precision and lets you engage a large number of people at the same time. The dart game is played one on one or as a pair. But what happens if you have an odd number of players.?

A wide variety of dart games exist, and most of them have several variations. Some of them work exceptionally well when three players are on board. Our 3 person darts games list, is compiled based on fun factors.

3 Player Dart Games

The 5 Best 3 Player Darts Games

Below we have listed some of the favorite and exciting 3 Player Darts Games, you must try.

Hare And Hound Darts

Originally, Hare and Hound is a two-player game, but adding more hares will make it more enjoyable. The Hare and Hound is a variant of Around the Board in which one player starts off the board behind the other players. Player A is the hound. Hounds’ job is to catch up with and pass the other players (hares).

The addition of a third player doesn’t just make the game more challenging for the hound; it adds to the sense of camaraderie among hares. Despite not playing as a team, both of you work to stay ahead of the hound. Even after you are caught and no longer part of the game, you will be cheering for the other hare to escape. 

Around the Clock

Darts around the world or around the clock is an entertaining fun dart game to play with friends. In the game, players are supposed to hit the numbers in sequence around the clock. Players need to throw the dart from 1 to 20 in order of appearance; each player has three chances.

Any number of players can play this game; starting from one player and going up to twenty players is possible. The player skips the next number if he hits a double. In the case of a double one, the second number is skipped, and the third number is the target. If you hit treble one the next time, you need to hit 4; whichever player reaches 20 first wins.

Chase the Dragon

One of the most popular and maybe your favorite game is Chase the Dragon. The objective of the game is to get the outer and inner bulls as well as the designated numbers from 10-20 on the board.

In this game, the goal is to hit the numbers in the range of 10-20 and the outer and later the inner bull. The points must be hit in order. To win, players must hit all the trebles between segments 10 and 20. The trebles should be hit sequentially. You can’t hit 17 before you hit treble 16. 

Killer Darts

In large groups, killer darts are one of the most popular games. It is one of the games for three players. In killer, each player is assigned a number. In most cases, this is accomplished by throwing a dart with their off-hand. Once all the players are assigned a unique number, the player will take turns eliminating others by hitting their double.

 A double hit causes the opponents to lose a life. A player can also lose a life if they hit their own number. The formation of alliances and retribution will bring more fun and entertainment. The killer dart can be played by any number of players. 

Middle for Diddle

The Middle for diddle is another 3 person dart game. In the middle of the diddle game, players have to focus on the inner and outer bull’s eyes. You will start with a score of 501 and reduce it to zero. All hits inside the inner (50) and outer (25) bull count will count towards your score. A double in/double out rule is also present in this game. You must hit a double inside the bullseye to start scoring. You must hit a double to win the game. In fact, you can specify the double you will hit to end the game.


These are some of the popular dart games for 3 players. Try all these games and don’t forget to share your experience and your favorite 3 Player Darts Games.

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