How To Play Scram Darts (Rules, Variations, Tricks)

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Scram is a version of a cricket game, where one player is a stopper while the other attempts to score. Although it might seem complicated at first due to the different roles each player plays, it is a really simple and easy game. In this game two players race against one another to score points by hitting the areas of the board before the other player does.

In this “How to Play Scram Darts” article, we will explain the game rules, scoring tips, and variations. 

Quick Look At How To Play Scram Darts?

  • Number of players: Two Players
  • Goal: Scoring most points by the end of 20 innings
How To Play Scram Darts

Scram Darts Rules

In Scram darts there are 2 different positions to play, the “stopper” and the “scorer”. Each player will have the opportunity to play both roles. You can use any method to determine who goes first, but remember the stopper has to go first.


  • The Stopper: The stopper will throw three darts, numbers that are hit by the stopper are closed and are not available for the scorer. 
  • The Scorer: It’s the scorer’s responsibility to score as many points as possible by landing a dart into the sections that have not yet been closed off.

In the first phase, the stopper shoots first. They will throw their three darts, regardless of single, double, or triple the number hit will be considered “closed”. Once the stopper has completed the turn. The scorer will throw three darts and try to hit the highest numbers. For the scorer, doubles and triples count as full points. A dart that lands in a closed segment do not earn any points.
Both stopper and scorer continue to take turns until the stopper closes out all the numbers on the dartboard. Once all the numbers are closed, both players will reverse the role. Once both players have had a chance to score, the player with the highest points total wins.

Scram Tips & Strategies

Since the stopper throws first, his primary strategy is to close the highest numbers on the board. Your primary focus should be on closing the 20, 19, 18, and the bullseye. You can also take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses. If they struggle to hit a certain number, you can skip over that number and focus on other ones that are higher or more valuable.

Scram Darts Variations

If you want to play longer, you will just have to wipe the closed numbers after each round, and you will keep the same scores. To make the game more challenging, you can limit the scoring area to only doubles and triples.


Scram Darts is a great way to enhance your scoring skills; It helps you improve the throw. We hope our “How To Play Scram Darts” article helps you learn the gaming rules, tips, and variations. If we have missed anything, feel free to write in the comment box.

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How to play Scram Darts (FAQs)

  1. Can Scram Darts end in a tie?

    Two players can end up tied in scram darts if they score the same number of points during both rounds.

  2. What are the requirements to play scram darts?

    There is no special equipment or accessory needed to play scram darts. The required equipment includes three darts, two players, a dartboard, and a sheet to track the score.

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