How To Sharpen Darts Tips

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It is important to take care of dart tips. As you play more, your steel tip darts will eventually get blunter. The failure to pay attention to tips is probably responsible for many bad streaks, bounce-outs, and disappointing performances.

Regularly sharpening your darts is crucial to maintaining them properly and ensuring they are sharp enough to minimize bounce-outs. If you are wondering, how to sharpen darts? How sharp do they need to be? How often do they need sharpening or How sharp is too sharp? Then, you have come to the right place. In our “ How to sharpen darts” article we will discuss various techniques to sharpen the darts. 

How To Sharpen Darts Tips
The only thing you need to sharpen darts properly is a sandpaper, or a darts sharpener. A properly sharpened dart should have rounded point tips that are not needle-sharp or flat. The darts sharpening tool should be used to slightly scuff the side of the dart tips.

Continue reading below to learn the tips and tricks on properly sharpening your darts. 

Why Do You Need To Sharpen Darts? 

Darts are susceptible to wear and tear just like any other sporting equipment. Darts are at their best when they are brand new. As you play with your set repeatedly, they will begin to bounce more frequently. Just to stick the dartboard into the set, you might need more force. 

You can prolong your darts’ lifespan by sharpening them. Thus, the need for sharpening of points is vital not only for durability but also for performance. 

How to Sharpen Your Darts Properly?

Depending on how comfortable you are with dart handling, you can sharpen your dart tips in three different ways. 

You can buy automated dart sharpeners, which are more expensive but an excellent way to sharpen darts. The best option for those who do not have extra money is to grind the dart manually. 

1. Darts Sharpener

A dart sharpener that works automatically requires a battery to operate. To sharpen the worn-out dart tip, simply point it at the resharpening device and wait for it to do its magic. Furthermore, you can choose the angle at which the dart will be sharpened. The automatic dart sharpener machine is renowned for its precision. You can count on this tool to sharpen your darts carefully every single time. 

 2. Manual Dart Sharpener

Manual dart sharpeners are affordable and best for those who prefer not to change batteries. The manual sharpener has a cavity where you place the dart tip and allows it to rotate. When sharpening, the angle and position of the dart must be adjusted by you. 

Those who already have some experience playing the game will find manual sharpeners an excellent option. 

3. Sandpaper

Sandpaper is quite simple to use: wrap a sheet around your tip and brush it repeatedly. To sharpen a set, you may need several sheets. For sharpening the dart tips follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Get some metal sandpaper of fine or medium grit.
  2. Sandpaper should be placed on a flat surface.
  3. Turn the dart slightly clockwise and counterclockwise while holding it perpendicular to the paper, moving it from side to side, until the tip is the right diameter.
  4. Slightly twist the dart to produce a nice spiral shape on the side of the point.

How Often Should You Sharpen Your Dart Points? 

It depends on how frequently you play. Usually, darts needs sharpening if it starts to bounce out of the board even without striking another dart. Check if the dart tip is flat, then it’s time to get sharpen your dart. 

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When To Get A New Dart Set?

You will probably reach a point where sharpening up your darts will not restore your set to its previous level. You might want to buy another set if the tip is too short or if the bend is too severe.

You can only sharpen your dart’s tip if the darts are still somewhat good or if there is no other damage. To enhance the lifespan of the darts, we suggest you keep the darts in a pouch or nylon storage case.  


Not knowing how to sharpen darts can impact your game. Moreover, a blunt dart will damage your dartboard. Although dartboard builds, how you throw darts and blunt darts cause dart bouncing. However, a dull dart tip is a primary cause of bouncing. Sharpening the darts is a way to prevent darts from bouncing. 

We hope the article on how to sharpen darts helps you swiftly sharpen your darts in a smooth way. 

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