What is a Hat Trick in Darts?

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In sports, a hat trick refers to a feat that involves the number three, usually as a result of achievement. When a player scores three goals, he is considered to have scored a “hat trick”. 

When it comes to most sports, hat tricks are considered impressive and rare, but in darts, a single throw uses three darts and players strive to land three darts in the treble 20. When a dart player hits a bullseye with all three darts in a single throw, it will be considered a hat trick. 

What is a Hat Trick in Darts?

What is a Hat Trick in Darts?

A hat trick in darts is where a player hits a bullseye with all three darts in a single throw. By professional dart player standards, this is an extremely rare shot, and when it is successfully thrown, it is considered an excellent achievement.

For most people, a darts hat trick is achieved by hitting all three darts in the red area, or the inner bullseye. Some people believe that it will accept hat Trick when a player hits on the outer ring. 

Watch the video below when Michael Van Gerwen scored a Hat trick

Who is Alan Evans? Why is it Called The “Alan Evans” Shot?

Alan Evans was a former world number 1, who became one of the first darts players to make his mark on TV and scored hat tricks often.

During a Scottish tour, he became famous for hitting eight Hat Tricks and ultimately achieved a 150. As a result, the term Hat Trick is also known as the “Alan Evans Shot”. 

What are Three Bullseyes in the Game of Darts Called?

The most common phrase that is used when a player hits three bullseyes in a row is a Hat Trick, despite the confusion, and this is most certainly the best way to describe the term.

Hat-tricks can be defined in a wider range of ways, with some people defining it as any score consisting of three bullseyes, regardless of whether they hit the outer ring or not.

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People who might be wondering “What is a hat trick in darts”, are basically hitting three bullseyes in a single throw. 

It’s an impressive feat to score a hat trick in most sports, and as shown by the clip, hitting three bullseyes in one throw is an impressive and rare shot in darts. We hope the article “What is a Hat trick in darts?” helped you to understand the concept.

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