Reasons: Why Do DartBoards Bulge

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No doubt darts is one of the greatest fun games often played in parties and pubs. You can even play alone. However, with time, the dartboard disintegrates, leaving a question in mind: Why Do DartBoards Bulge

The dartboards are made from sisal fibers that have been bunched up and compressed tightly before being attached to a backboard. The dartboard surface bulged when fibers broke away from the board, thus pushing the outward. The Dislocation of the fibers on the board is due to wear and tear or environmental factors. If you want your board to last for a longer period. You need to take proper care of the maintenance of your dartboard. 

The following are three potential reasons why your dartboard surface is bulging, and what you can do to eliminate them. So let’s start with our article Why do dartboards bulge.

Why Do Dartboards Bulge

Reasons Why Do DartBoards Bulge?

Wear and Tear

If you use your board too much, the surface of your board will deteriorate much faster, like any gadget. The low-quality board will wear out faster and you’ll have to replace it far more frequently. Buying a quality board is still not enough. To extend the lifetime dartboard should be rotated frequently to prevent and evenly distribute the damage to the surface. Rotating your board helps ensure that your throws are not consistently directed at the same area. 

Dartboards are generally made of wood, specifically elmwood, so you could wet them down. During the night, spraying water on the wood helps protect it from fracturing. After the water was sprayed on the wood, the wood would bloat, closing up the holes.


Sisal fibers are extremely sensitive to moisture. If the board is not protected from the water, the fibers will start to dislocate from the board’s back.

Therefore, it is important not to expose the board to rain or similar conditions. If you don’t have much space inside the room and prefer to play outside, don’t forget to bring inside the board once you are done. After the play, if your dartboard surface looks dusty or dirty, never use water on it. It will severely damage the board and result in bulging as the glue is water-soluble. 

The bristles are the most modern boards, made up of sisal fiber glued to the wooden backboard. Once the fibers are exposed to the moisture, they will absorb moisturizer and carry it to the glue that fixes bristles to the board. 

When the glue begins to dissolve, the fiber will start dislocating and the surface begins to swell as the bristle pushes out. As a result, your board will be ruined, and you may even see bunches falling from the surface thus causing bubbles. 


Humidity is another factor that can negatively impact the sisal fibers. It’s hard to avoid humidity unless your house has air conditioning or a dehumidifier.

Make sure you don’t place your board too close to a heat source: hot lamps, fire, hot water. Moreover, ensure your board is not exposed to sunlight as ultraviolet (UV) rays can seriously damage the fiber bundles.

How to Stop Your Dartboard From Bulging

As you have learned the factors that cause dartboard bulging, you can minimize and reduce the bulging effect by following these simple steps. 

  • Make sure your dartboard is not placed in an area where moisture, humidity, or moist air can damage the board. When not playing, It is recommended to place the board inside the cabinet or somewhere cool and dry. 
  • By regularly rotating your board, you can minimize the risk of damage. If you continuously keep throwing the dart in the same area, your board will bulge in a short time. The treble 19 and treble 20 can be the most affected sections. 
  • Watering helps reduce drying and fiber damage. But it does more damage than good. It will swell the fibers and make the glue less effective at holding fiber and the board.

Should I replace my bulging dartboard?

There is no one size fits all answer, it depends on how often you play. If you are a professional and want to practice for the tournament, consider buying bristle boards.

If you want to replace your bulging dartboard, here are two of the top dartboards available on the market: a bristle dartboard and a plastic dartboard.

  • Winmau Blade 5
  • Win. Max Electronic Dartboard

Conclusion: Why Do Dartboards Bulge

Sadly, if your dartboard swells and bulges then the irreversible damage has already been done. Your best option in this scenario is to determine what caused the swelling and ensure that you do more frequent or proper maintenance on your next board to prevent it from happening again. 

Moisture and humidity are some of the main reasons which cause the dartboard to swell and bulge. We strongly suggest you keep your dartboard in a cool and dry place. After playing the game don’t forget to remove the darts. Always use a twisting motion to remove darts without causing damage to bristle fibers. 

We have tried to briefly explain the reasons why do dartboards bulge and how to prevent bulging. Still, if you have any confusion, write in the comment section.

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